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Daily Daycare Rates:

*Payment expected prior to daily stay*

Full Day: $35

Half Day: $23 
(Half day stay equals 4 hours or less)

2nd Dog for Full Day: $27

2nd Dog for Half Day: $21


Multi-Day Passes

*Multi-day passes are non-refundable & non-transferable*
*Passes are good for six months from purchase date*

5 Day Pass: $155
(save $20)

10 Day Pass: $295 
(save $55)

20 Day Pass: $570
(save $130)

5 Half Day Pass: $110
(save $5)

10 Half Day Pass: $210
(save $20)

20 Half Day Pass: $400
(save $60)

Dog Daze Grooming
*available to our current clients only*

*prices vary based on dog's size and coat length*

Bath & Towel-Dry  $25
with Nail Dremel  $40

Bath, Blow-Out, Conditioner, & Full-Brush  $65
With Nail Dremel  $80

*Can be added on to any package*

Nails Only (Dremel):  $20
Brushing:  $5+
(price varies based upon severi

De-Matting:  $10+
(price varies based upon severity) 

Conditioner:  $5

Scented Silky Coating Spray:  $2
Jasmine & Vanilla scented; detangles, softens, and repels dirt from coat

*All dogs must be dropped off by 10am, and cannot be picked up prior to 3pm for grooming*
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