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Dog Daycare
Family Owned & Operated 

Why Dog Daycare?


One of the best things you could do for your pup is provide him or her with the fun, socialization & mental stimulation that they need and deserve!  Our goal is to provide an environment that is safe and clean, and where your pup will be loved on and cared for each day.  Drop your dog off at Dog Daze and let them spend the day running and playing with friends and burning off all that energy!  Then enjoy your evenings at home with a tired pooch who wants to snuggle  rather than get into mischief.  


  • Peace of mind for you, knowing your pet is in a safe environment and not at home eating the couch or crying in their crate. 

  • Exercise for your dog means better overall mental and physical health. 

  • Individual attention and loving affection from a staff who genuinely care for about your pet. 

  • Evaluations done on all dogs prior to acceptance to ensure a safe space for your dogs to play and learn. We are able to separate dogs by size and/or play style. 

  • Better mental health for your dog as they enjoy an environment that increases mental stimulation and socialization while decreasing behavioral issues caused by boredom and separation anxiety. 

Happy Days at Dog Daze

What Pet Owners Say

"Second Family"

"Roux's second family! The building is very clean, they keep the dogs safe, and he comes back exhausted. They're never short staffed and dogs are watched constantly. We couldn't ask for more!"

Greg S.

"Highly Recommend Dog Daze"

"Our puppy, Petey loves Dog Daze.  He enjoys playing with all the other pups and comes home tired.  Kathy and family also work on training and truly love him like one of their own.  I highly recommend Dog Daze."

Pam R.

"Awesome Place"

"An awesome place for our puppy to spend time and make friends. Our beagle loves it here, and he comes home whooped! They are very caring people who love our dog like he was their own. Great prices, and we are happy to get him socialized."

Stephen R.

"We Love Dog Daze"


"Great Place!"

Great place! Great people! Pups looooovvvveeee going to daycare!!!

Jessica F.

Myla and Zuko love Dog Daze!! They come home absolutely exhausted and for 2 Aussies this is essential! A family owned business, in which everyone is a key player and most importantly they all LOVE dogs!! Kathy is fantastic at introducing and socializing the dogs with the pack and when time permits, training...ask for Kelly!! We know our dogs are being loved and cared for at Dog Daze, I just say "Puppy Friends" and their butts are wiggling!!

This place is wonderful! My Roxie gets so excited when we pull in! She loves the staff and by the end of the day she is so relaxed and sleepy. I am so glad I found this place and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a clean, safe place with a great staff who takes care of the pups like they are their own.

Britt T.

Beth L.

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